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 Gilles Coullet / Le corps sauvage, entre danse et théâtre
 Gilles Coullet / Le corps sauvage, entre danse et théâtre

After studying philosophy, Gilles Coulletstudies ‘L’expression Primitive’ at the American Centre in Paris forming his movement with the dancer Herns Duplanand becomes his assistant. He studies corporeal theatre with Yves Lebreton, who he will assist as well. He explores the analyses of the relationship between voice and body with the singer Lucienne Deschampsand the Roy Hart Theatre. He studies percussion with Guem, Samba, Versini. He follows workshops with the Japanese dancer Ko Murobushi, the African dancers Koffi Koko, Cissé andLucky Zebila; and with Elsa Wolliaston,Susanne Buirgeand Malou Airaudoof the company of Pina Bausch. He works together with Maxi Hervé, dancer and choreographer of le theatre National de Port Au Prince, with whom he does a research on possession in the voodoo rituals on Haïti.


As a mime, he is on stage at the Scala de Milano under direction of Luca Ronconi, Giorgio Strehler and others.

He travels a lot, he plays in ‘la nuit des Rois’at the Théâtre de Chaillotdirected by Jérôme Savary.

He works together with the director Armando Pugliese as a choreographer, actor and dancer for seven performancesthat were created and toured in Italy.

He collaborates as actor-dancer in several performances with director Claudio di Palma.

He plays in the film Ferdinand and Carolineof Lina Wertmüller.


In 1983, he creates his own company Le corps Sauvage.

In 1994, he creates his solo piece Cendres that goes on tour in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil…..

He teaches in several international schools of theatre and dance; DAMS of Bologne, Stabile de Catania, Rome, Naples, Salerno, Bergamo, Bale de Teresina (Brazil).

Since 2008 he has been working with Benoit Théberge from the Zéro Théâtre for creations and workshops for professional actors in France and Senegal.

He teaches solo workshops and regular courses.

Wakan the devourde earth is his latest creation.

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